Frequency Questions

We have collected most asked questions here to save your time asking them via email
Common Questions

Where should I change currency?

You have to go to “Currency setup” section in admin of your website (System-> Configuration-> General-> Currency setup) and choose currency  in all available fields.

Where should I change currency symbol?

To use non-standard symbols of currency you have to go to the section “Manage Currency Symbols” (System-> Manage Currency-> Symbols) switch off checkbox “Use Standard” and write the symbols you want to see instead of standard symbols.

How to disable the WYSIWYG editor in magento?

Follow along …

System > Configuration > General > Content Management (very bottom of the list) > Enable WYSIWYG Editor > Disable by Default (or Disable Completely) > Save Config

I want to translate inscription “Add to cart” (any other phrase) on the button. How should I do it?

Go to \app\design\frontend\packagename\default\locale\en_US\ and open translate.csv file. Add your translation in such way:

“Add to cart”, “your translation”

More detailed information about localization you will find here:

Why my images on header slider are broken?

The most likely cause while editing content you didn’t disable WYSIWYG editor and it broke HTML mark up. Compare your code with code for header slider that described in documentation and remove odd tag ; your images’ code snippet should’t be wrapped with tag p.

How to remove PayPal logo from the sidebar?

Go to “System -> Configuration -> Payment Methods Vertical Tab -> PayPal Express Checkout Tab -> Basic Settings – PayPal Express Checkout -> Frontend Experience Settings” and set “No logo” in “PayPal Product Logo” field

How to merge css and js files?

Go to “System -> Configuration -> Developer Vertical tab -> JavaScript Settings” to merge your js files and go to “System -> Configuration -> Developer Vertical tab ->CSS Settings”  to merge your css files

How to change Top links?

Here is how to add more links or edit existing links in that section:

Here is short thread which helps to reorder top links:

Where should I change Footer links?

Links “About us” “Customer Service” and “Privacy policy” you can edit in static block “footer_links”. How to edit all other links in that dropdown list you can find here:

Is this Magento theme compatible with … extension?

Our theme is based on default magento theme so is compatible with any extensions which are working on default theme. But please notice, in our theme some template files are rewritten, so if that extension uses any default template files you will need to implement logic into our theme files by yourself.

How to install sample data?

if “activate theme” feature implemented in a theme.

There is no dump file provided with this theme, we added “activate theme” feature instead of it to let you install and configure our theme the right way on any databaseyou’ve got in just a few clicks.

if sample data (dump file) provided with a theme.

There is a dump file provided with this theme in the package you have downloaded (sources/demo) which you can use to get the theme installed and configured right way. This file must be imported into your database prior magento installation.

How to install extensions?

First of all, our theme is based on default magento theme so is fully compatible with any extensions which are working on default theme. But to let our customers ability to create subthemes based on our theme we use our own magento interface  (app/frontend/packagename) so if you have any problems with installing or using magento extensions you need to move all template files of that extension from (app/frontend/default/default or app/frontend/base/default) folder to (app/frontend/packagename/default)

Secondary, some of magento default template files were recoded in our theme, so if your extension use template files for displaying something in frontend you need to implement that logic into our files by yourself.

Why your sample data comes without images?

Images from preview are not included in the pakage due to licensing restrictions

I’ve got 404 error on “Meigee” configuration page.

You just need to clear all the cache and relogin into the admin panel.

Where can I find the right template for ...?

To know from where html code generated for specific part of page go to System-> Configuration. In the top left there is a box named “Current Configuration Scope: “ which has a drop down. From that drop down, choose your store view name. After this go to Advanced-> Developer-> Debug and here make Template Path Hints = Yes

Whenever I try to proceed with checkout, it just constantly refreshes the page. How to fix this problem?

1. Update one page checkout module to the last version.

2. If you use Store maintenance module and configured as “store offline: yes” then you have to put the store online (“store offline: no”) in System-> Configuration-> Advanced-> Offline Maintenance.
After this one page checkout will work, even after going back offline again.

How to change or remove the copyright text (Meigee © Premium Magento Themes)?

Go to System-> Configuration-> General-> Design-> Footer and edit Copyright field

How to speed up magento using Admin panel?

  1. Enable all Magento cache: go to System-> Cache Management Select all types and activate them.
  2. Merge Javascript and CSS files: go to System-> Configuration-> Developer open two tabs  “Javascript Settings” and “CSS Settings” and set Yes in both tabs.
  3. Enable Flat Catalog: go to System-> Configuration-> Catalog-> Frontend set Yes in Use Flat Catalog Category and Use Flat Catalog Product dropdown lists.

Be aware that all this steps you have to apply only after you have configured your store. If updates, code modifications, extension installations are needed all this points should be disabled.


How to show top menu?

The Header Navigation (menu) will appear when you create categories. New categories should be subcategories of “Default” categories.

The detailed instructions how to create categories in magento can be found here: .

Can I add an "about" tab in the menu?

You can add subcategory of root catalog, set desirable displaying content in tab Custom Design and add static block to that page. The more detailed instructions are described over here:

"Shop by" and "Browse by" blocks

Navigate to “Catalog -> Manage Categories”, click on a category you need and go to “Display Settings Tab”. You need to set “No” in “Is Anchor” field to display “Browse By” block or “Yes” to display “Shop By”

How to move the price filter to top of the layered navigation block

Go to “Catalog -> Attributes -> Manage Attributes“, then you should click on every attributes with

How to turn off Quick View?

Go to System-> Configuration-> VS Extensions-> Ajax for Catalog-> Ajax for add to cart button and set NO in dropdown list “Enabled for Category Page”


Why are my products not shown in your widget New products extended?

  1. First of all you have to to mark product as “New”: you have to set date from which product should be labeled as “New” in field “Set Product as New from Date” on product edit page.
  2. There is minimum quantity of products that is required for widget. Usually it should be not less than 7 products marked as new.
  3. Reindex all the data (System-> Index Management) and flush the magento cache (System->Cache management)

Why are my products not shown in your widget On Sale products extended?

  1. First of all you have to to mark product as product on sale: you have to set date from which product should be on sale in field “Special Price From Date” in tab “Prices” on product edit page.
  2. There is minimum quantity of products that is required for widget. Usually it should be not less than 7 products marked as products with special price.
  3. Reindex all the data (System-> Index Management) and flush the magento cache (System->Cache management)

I am unable to see my pictures in the preview of the products do you know how to fix this?

Go to any product without main image open tab “Images” and set radio button to desirable image.

I have marked several products as upsell/cross-sell/related products but they didn’t appear on product page. What should I do?

To display upsell and related products on product page you have to reindex all data (System-> Index Management) and flush the magento cache (System-> Cache management).

Cross sell products will appear only on shopping cart page – this is standard Magento behavior.

How can i set hover effect in homepage and product page?

For product hover you have to turn on this effect in admin. Go to Meigee-> Theme Options-> General Options. Open tab “Product Hover Effect” and choose “Enable” in dropdown list. Then you need to go to tab Images of products (Catalog-> Manage products->Product-Images) and add word hover to the field “Label” of image. Main image and image that will appear when “mouse over” should be different.

I changed category id for widget Featured Category but it still showing wrong products. How could I fix that?

Open code of widget on appropriate page/static block. Find value featuredcategory=”category/XX” and replace it with featuredcategory=”XX”

where XX – ID of featured category. To find ID of category go to Catalog-> Manage categories select needed category and you’ll see on the top of category edit page: Category Name (ID: XX) .

Why product options are below the product image?

This is standard magento behaviour, to display this block on the right of the product image navigate to a product edit page -> “Design” vertical tab and set “Product Info Column” in “Display Product Options In” field.

Why products are displayed different sizes?

By default in magento all products are displayed as squares. But we recoded all theme files the way so you can use both square and rectangular images of your products at the same time. So to get your products displayed the same width and height properties your images must have the same proportions.

How to hide tab "Additional Info"?

“Additional Info” tab on product page automatically displays product attributes. You can enable/disable each attribute’s visibility on product page with Visible on Product View Page on Front-end field in Catalog -> Attributes -> Manage Attributes -> [select attribute]. If no attribute will be set as visible the tab will not be displayed.

How to show SKU in tab?

Navigate to Catalog-> Attributes-> Manage Attributes-> SKU-> Frontend Properties-> Visible on Product View Page on Front-end set Yes and Save. That will add additional tab with product SKU

How to show SKU directly on product page?

Go to:
app\design\frontend\meigeetheme\default\template\ajax\catalog\product\ and to
app\design\frontend\meigeetheme\default\template\catalog\product\ open veiw.phtml files. AddhtmlEscape($_product->getSku()) ?> to appropriate place in files, save changes and flush cache. After that product SKU will appear immediate on product page.