One page checkouts

If you are aiming to bring the smooth and pleasant shopping experience to your customers as well as motivate them to buy again — one page checkout will come very handy. Usually a checkout process takes several pages which are displayed one by one. It is one of the most complicated and time-consuming, yet the most important procedure of any eCommerce website. But for customers a checkout can be quite confusing and annoying. Some of them can change their minds and leave your site, some of them can put a purchase off for a while. Anyway, a checkout can definitely affect the conversion rate of your online store, that’s why it’s essential to reduce unnecessary steps and make the whole process easier and faster for your clients.

There are many of one page checkout extensions on the web, some of them paid and some of them can be download for free. But the main idea to make all steps appear together in a single checkout page to fill out all information at once remains the same. This time we selected Magento One Page Checkout extensions which will help you to prevent shopping cart abandonment and can be downloaded for free:

One Page Checkout
One Page Checkout
It’s one of the most popular extension which provides you with easy installation and advanced admin features. It is fully integrated with Paypal, Braintree and Sage Page Suite.

0 Step Checkout
0 Step Checkout
This extension provides one page checkout functionality with flexible Ajax updates and 3-D Secure Credit Card validation.

Also pretty good extension that helps to reduce checkout from 6 steps to 1. All checkout stages appear simultaneously and a customer can complete the purchase in just one transaction by only one click.

One Step Checkout
Using this extension you can enable billing details, newsletter subscription, comments, login link, customer registration, auto password generator and more.

Reduced Checkout Free
This useful plugin allows to customize, reduce and replace your Magento checkout process as well as improve user experience.

Sinabs Direct Checkout
Integrating this extension into your Magento store gives you an opportunity not only to create only one page checkout, but also auto update totals in Ajax, login to “My Account” directly on the checkout page, autocomplete Google address, etc.

As for Magento Themes from Meigee, the most recent of them have been already optimized with the one page checkout extension in order to bring positive user experience to your online buyers. Check out them to find the one you like for your online store.