Universal - Multipurpose Responsive Magento Theme

Magento CE 2.3.2
Responsive multipurpose Magento 2 theme based on Luma and suitable for any kind of stores
Universal - Magento Theme

Latest Release VER. 2.5.6 (08.07.19):

Underlinen magento 1 release notes Compatible with Magento


Magento 2

Custom 404 Pages

Magento 2

Extremely Fast Magento Theme

Take a look at screenshot below. It's how fast your store must be loaded. With our theme such performance is possible.

A (95+)

GTmetrix page speed score

A (90+)

YSlow Score

1.9 sec

Average Loading Speed

Magento 2

Customer Reviews

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for Customer Support

I have no words to say, these guys are amazing, if we buy any product then most important thing is support when we don't know too much about it, i have bought this theme and i don't know much things about magento and these guys are have awesome support, they have helped me a lot from installation to the end, i highly recommend this theme to buy. it have everything that we want like awesome design look and full theme customization. I really very very appreciated their work and help :)

Thank you

for Customer Support

These guys ROCK - Great looking theme that does exactly what it says on the tin. Loads of features and customisation available,
I had a slight problem that turned out to be my mistake, but the team were very helpful and got back to me within less then 24hrs!

Highly recommended - 5 Stars

for Feature Availability

This theme is great for the level of options and customization it offers. Also, the support is outstanding. You get replies to tickets in a matter of hours (sometimes minutes), and they even turned one of our questions about a specific functionality into a theme update!

Great job, Meigee team! We love the theme!

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for Customer Support

Great theme with many customization. Customer support is more than excellent. I feel lucky that I found and use this. Thank you

for Code Quality

Several built-in features, quality of code and design, make this theme a must-have one. Very happy of the purchase!

for Customer Support

a Great design theme with amazing support. Theme works with very little errors, support is one of the best on Themeforest. I could not be happier with this theme and the customer support.

for Customer Support

I just installed the theme and we are very very happy with. And the main reason to rate with 5 stars is the customer support.Thank's all Meigee Team, but mainly dylan helping me to setup the theme.

for Customer Support

These guys are the best. Their designs are perfect and easy to use but the most important thing is the level of support they provide. Excellent customer support beyond any expectations. The top provider by far!

Strongly recommended!!!!

for Flexibility

Very good magento theme with lot of options and funny ajax features. code is well. Responsive is beautiful. Rich snipsets native! Css are directly writting in css files. custom slider is litlle too difficult to manage,i think, for basic final user. thanks for this very good job Meigee!

Magento 2


Customizable mega Menu helps create professional looking menus with ease. vertical/horyzontal menu, menu with the different tabs, custom content. All that you can do using powerful admin options

Universal magento 2 megamenu

Magento 2

Powerful Magento Theme

It's not just another block with tabs in magento configuration. It's standalone magento extension where you can set different options for category, product pages and the whole website.

Universal magento 2 thememanager

Magento 2

General Features

Universal premium theme comes with dozens of features and options which allow you to create a unique store with ease. Simply check features list below

Universal magento 2 manager

Stand-alone professional module filled with tons of features for any type of e-commerce website

Universal magento 2 custom swatch

Display every detail of the texture, color or pattern of your products

Universal magento 2 404

Custom 404 pages available

Universal magento 2 fluid grid

Universal is based on fluid grid and is optimized for all screen resolutions: desktop, tablet, mobile

Universal magento 2 google fonts

A simple way to create a unique store by applying one of numerous google fonts

Universal magento 2 smart labels

Attract your customers attention to hottest products with our smart labels

Universal magento 2 products per row

You can show from 2 to 8 products in a row

Universal magento 2 multilangauge

Theme is fully compatible with magento translation extensions

Universal magento 2 Lightbox

Show full size image in popup on home page, product listing and product page

Universal magento 2 Boxed and wide layouts

Theme comes in a boxed or a wide layout, and can easily be switched in the admin panel

Universal magento 2 mobile design

The future of the web is mobile design, boost sales by making your website available to mobile users

Universal magento 2 top cart

Hide or display any element of top cart

Universal magento 2 smart widget

We included several smart widget to make creation of store faster and smarter

Universal magento 2 Customizable megamenu

Customizable mega Menu helps create professional looking menus with ease

Universal magento 2 Font Awesome

Font Awesome gives you scalable vector icons that can instantly be customized

Universal magento 2 bootstrap

Save hours by using Bootstrap, framework which fits perfectly for for developing responsive projects

Magento 2

Custom Widgets

Make configuration of your store easier by using our powerful widgets
Simply insert one of available widgets into static page or static block to show your featured products, promo banners, social icons, etc.

Universal magento 2 Facebook plugin

Configure updated Facebook plugin just in your admin

Universal magento 2 Newsletter popup

Increase customer interactivity by welcoming your clients via Popup message

Universal magento 2 product widgets

Display your hot offers or even specific product by our product widgets

Universal magento 2 Social share buttons

Use our perfect solution for all of your social sharing needs!

Magento 2


We included several multi-functional modules and plugins that will make your store more user-friendly, functional and eye-catching. All of them will help you to start your own online store right now!

Universal magento 2 background slider module

Create background slider for you store

Universal magento 2 sale timer

Showing end-time of your sale will hurry up make your customers and increase your store sales

Universal magento 2 Google map

After theme installation you will get Google map with your store/warehouse location

Universal magento 2 Custom swatches

Show your configurable product in different colors, designs, shapes on product listing in widgets, and on product page

More Information
Support Link http://meigeeteam.freshdesk.com/
Magento 2 Documentation Link http://docs.meigeeteam.com/index.php?theme=universal2
Last Update Jul 7, 2019
Magento Version Magento CE 2.3.2, Magento CE 2.3.1, Magento CE 2.3.0
Ver. 2.5.6 (08.07.19) Magento 2
New Patch to v.2.3.2 added
Ver. 2.5.5 (02.04.19) Magento 2
New Patch to v.2.3.1 added
New Patch to v.2.2.8 added
Fixed Product options - radio buttons and checkboxes
Fixed Checkout payments - Braintree credit card
Magento 1
Fixed Popup content
Ver. 2.5.4 (08.01.19) Magento 1
New Rich snippets
Fixed Patch to v.
Fixed Infinity scroll crash
Fixed Ajax add to cart doesn't work after infinity scroll product load
Ver. 2.5.3 (07.12.18) Magento 2
New Patch to v.2.3.0 added
Ver. 2.5.2 (30.11.18) Magento 1
New Patch to v. added
Ver. 2.5.1 (27.09.18) Magento 2
New Patch to v.2.2.6 added
Ver. 2.5 (17.08.18) Magento 2
New Furnture skin
New Perfume skin
Fixed Top menu error
Ver. 2.4.1 (06.07.18) Magento 2
New Patch to v.2.2.5 added
Magento 1
New Patch to v. added
Fixed Infinity scroll removes filter options
Ver. 2.4 (29.05.18) Magento 2
New Sport skin
New Food#3 skin
Fixed Minor CSS and JS changes
Ver. 2.3 (15.05.18) Magento 2
New Patch for magento 2.2.4 added
New Cars skin
New Hardware & Tools skin
New Lingerie skin
Ver. 2.2 (15.04.18) Magento 2
New Design skin
New Grocery skin
New Food #1 skin
Fixed Mobile menu
Ver. 2.1 (02.04.18) Magento 2
New Food parallax skin
Ver. 2.0.1 (28.02.18) Magento 2
New Patch for magento 2.2.3 added
Ver. 2.0 (09.02.18) Magento 2
New Wine skin
New Electronics skin
New Univesal megamenu
Magento 1
New Lingerie skin
Ver. 1.9 (22.12.17) Magento 2
Initial Release Magento Community Edition 2.2.2
Magento 1
New Updated Quick Start package - base version is
New Universal Swiper slider added.
Ver. 1.7 (06.11.17)
New Updated Quick Start package - base version is
Fixed Minor CSS and JS changes
Ver. 1.7 (26.07.17)
New Patch to v. added
New Patch to v. added
Fixed Header 15 vertical menu on iPad
Fixed Account page - change password form
Fixed Mobile menu
Fixed Paypal review page
Fixed Vertical tablet content
Fixed Vertical header wide menu
Fixed Popup subscribe access
Fixed Quick view product image
Fixed Skin 2 text banners
Fixed Minor CSS and JS changes
Fixed Blog page links and toolbar
Fixed Bundle options price update
Ver. 1.5 (23.11.16)
New Added Google Map API field 
New Compatibility with magento
Fixed Slider widget in tabs 
Fixed Timer position 
Fixed Checkout payment methods
Fixed Skin 2 header cart button and search
Ver. 1.5 (13.06.15)
New  Clothes Store
New Toys Store
New Wine Store
New Games store (light version)
New Pharmacy Store
New Games store (dark version)
New Wine Store #2
New Car Parts Store
Fixed Minor CSS issues.
Ver. 1.4 (17.12.16)
New Skin Pets Store 
New Skin Food store #3
New Skin Perfumes Store
New Skin Grocery Store
New Skin Fashion Store (Boxed version)
New Skin Fashion Store #4
New Double-line menu
Fixed Some minor bugs
Ver. 1.3 (27.11.15)
New Theme activation
New Quick start package
New Ajax Layered navigation & toolbar
New Infinite scroll
New Theme: Hardware & Tools
New Theme: Fashion store #5 and Fashion store #5 boxed version
New RTL version of main demo store
New Compatibility with 4.2.1 IWD checkout module
New Font Awesome icons for top and 1-level categories
Fixed Some minor bugs
Ver. 1.2 (02.09.15)
New Universal - Design store subtheme
New Universal - Food Store #2 subtheme
New 2 custom layouts of 404 page
New Added Advanced Styling elements for Electronic Store
New Added Custom.css file
New Popup content delay added
Updated. IWD checkout updated to v. 4.1.1
Fixed Configurable swatches
Fixed Product widget category option
Fixed Custom tabs widget
Fixed Lightbox on product page
Fixed Some minor bugs
Ver. 1.1 (25.08.15)
New Furniture store subtheme
New AjaxKit Extension
New Listing banner top
New Added category banners (between products)
Fixed Swatches loader added
Fixed Added missed static block in static content
Fixed Quick view popup styles
Fixed Image log error
Fixed Log errors
Ver. 1.0 (11.08.15)
Magento Community Edition 1.9.X.X (,,, 1.8.X.X (,, 1.7.x.x (,,