Magento web performance optimization case

Tazas [ Spain ]

Tazas offers personalized cups and busniess gifts for companies and advertising.

  • Industry: Cups
  • Platform: Magento CE 1.9.X.X
  • Services:
    • Performance Optimization
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Magento optimization for Tazas webstore


It's not a surprise that search engine algorithms are getting more and more demanding to how fast a website responds to web requests. In other words page speed, itself became a factor of Google’s index. The client understood what impact mobile speed is having on key business metrics so they came to Meigee to find out how we can improve their website to achieve the desired results. The actual scores we got from PageSpeed Insights were 30 for mobile and 60 for desktop.

With the results in hand, the client wanted us to get results in Google’s Pagespeed Insights not less than 80, both for mobile and desktop


After a deep reseach we came to a conclusion that we should focus on some critial issues, as wollows:

Size of the assets

Loading all the required files is the most time-consuming process. So we started with downsizing them. The CSS file got splitted into two: one, a very small one that contains only styles for the elements above the fold. We left it to be loaded regularly and the rest styles we changed to be loaded asynchronously.

We optimized all images across the site to get the lowest size but kept the quality.

All product images were changed to be lazy loaded.

We also recommended getting rid of The Revoslider to reduce the page size.

Defer JS and CSS

When we managed to reduce the page size we implemented deferring load css and js files to let visitors see the content before all required files are loaded.

3D Party JS libraries

All our efforts could have been spoiled by using 3d party scripts like Zendesk so we had to optimize them as well.


With all the improvements described above Tazas achieved a very close to the maximum score on PageSpeed.
It's worth to mention that the homepage got reduced to 898.9KB in size and load time is less than 1 second.

Magento performance optimization

The Client's Review

Jose Oriol Badia Orselli

Jose Oriol Badia Orselli
Co-founder at Gift Campaign

Meigee provides A-1 web development support, which has helped the company significantly improve its online performance and page loading time. Extremely responsive to client needs, working with them continues to be a great experience