Summer is officially on and if you are trying to take the best of this hot and delightful season, you’d better think beforehand how to spend your vacation and where to go to travel. And don’t forget about your online business which can bring you really good profits even in the summer season, if it’s properly maintained of course! We hope that our weekly digest will help you to know the score and meet this target.

Besides other topics, in today's digest you’ll find some helpful stuff about practical value of design thinking, how link-building for SEO fits with content marketing, cloud hosting platform for quick Magento store deployment, basic tips to make a website accessible and more. Look through the main highlights and keep your Magento online store safe and sound!

  • Why is Cost of Goods Sold Data Important to My Magento Store?
    Learn more about Cost of Goods Sold (COGS) data and its incorporation into Magento as well as check out the brief tutorial of setting up cost data in Magento.
  • Facebook Extends Lookalike Audiences with ‘Custom Combinations’
    If you are interested in how to create an audience with custom combinations and understand its importance for advertisers this blog entry will explain all aspects of this topic.
  • Meet Magento Association Interview Decathlon: Anna-Maria Müller
    The next interview with Meet Anna, who is responsible for Marketing and the organization of Meet Magento Germany.
  • How Link-building for SEO Fits with Content Marketing
    Check out this useful article to differentiate link building and content marketing as well as understand how and when to use these activities together.
  • Cloudways Launches Cloud Hosting Platform for Quick Magento Store Deployment
    Meet a cloud PaaS provider that has recently unveiled all-new version of Magento hosting platform along with a fresh look website and reader friendly blog.
  • The Practical Value of Design Thinking
    Look through this interesting blog post you’ll get to know more about design thinking as a repeatable process for solving problems and discovering new opportunities with the customer at the center.
  • Google, for Mobile-first, Changes AdWords
    At the recent Performance Summit Google staff announced several significant changes to the AdWords platform with emphasis on the dominance of smartphones and mobile computing.
  • 10 Popular Brand Channels on YouTube
    Check out the list of the top 10 YouTube brand channels in the U.S., by total views.
  • 5 Basics to Make a Website Accessible
    Review five most important tips that make a substantial difference in the accessibility of any site.