Magento Digest #13 by Meigee

Hi folks!

For all of you who are thinking about getting into eCommerce, there has scarcely been a better time! Start your online business with Magento and join our Magento community where you can always get help and support! And if you are already in our big family, you probably know that here at Meigee we are publishing our weekly Magento digest that comprises the whole set of the recent announcements, events, tutorials and reports in order to help you stay always updated.

Besides the latest news, this week we’ve selected interesting blog posts and articles about securing your Magento site, how to migrate Magento 2 from one server to another, what eCommerce marketing skills you should know to drive success into your business, how to use custom JavaScript in Magento, etc.

  • We Are Magento: Imagine Highlights
    Review the most interesting facts and details from the Imagine conference closing that brought together engineers, entrepreneurs, investors and inventors.
  • The Biggest European eCommerce Fair Is Around the Corner!
    If you are interested in selling online, register to attend eCommerce Berlin Expo dedicated to circuit eCommerce, online marketing, hosting & cloud computing, social media and mobile services for e-commerce industry.
  • Magento Marketplace is Live!
    Here you can find a brief introduction of Magento Marketplace and what new features are designed to deliver a great merchant experience.
  • 9 Ecommerce Marketing Skills That Drive Success
    Check out the useful set of tactical capabilities that should help your eCommerce marketing succeed.
  • Reflections on an Epic Journey
    In this article you’ll read about the most favorite memories from Road to Image riders.
  • The Ultimate Guide to Magento Security
    If you care about security of your website, it’ll be useful to look through the symptoms of hacked Magento website and learn how to make magento website more secure.
  • Challenges of a Full Packagist Mirror for Magento 2
    In this article Alan Storm shares with a few helpful heads up if you decide to implement Full Packagist Mirror in your Magento site.
  • Migrate Magento 2 From One Server to Another
    This tutorial will show you how you can completely migrate your Magento 2 store from one server to another.
  • Top 10 Tips When Launching Magento 2.0 Extensions: Foster Open Communication
    Here’s another tip from valued Magento developers that suggests to connect directly with merchants to find out what solutions they anticipate needing.
  • Thou Shalt Not Do Inserts in a Foreach … Unless You Know The Trick
    The main message of this dev talk is never write a database query inside a loop, it’s better to write code that will insert or read all data in one big batch.
  • How To Use Custom JavaScript in Magento
    With the help of this tutorial you will learn how to use custom JavaScript components in Magento 2 as well as get some useful advices on this topic.
  • Google Manually Punishes Bloggers with Paid Product Reviews
    In order to keep track of the recent events, look throgh this article about Google manual penalties which are sent out to bloggers who are accepting paid reviews.